Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's been awhile. My temp gig has become an official FT position. I am quite excited to be learning yet another angle of the packaging business through design. I have always been in the design shops working for clients - now I am the client working as a part of the in house creative services. I work with a great team and I am looking fwd to a new wave of challenges and accomplishments.

The new job is very rich in licensed works with Disney and I have a baby girl coming soon, so I imagine my drive for full creative work will increase as my actual freetime will decrease. So it is! That's what this blog was always intended for anyways. My freetime, out of the norm creative work. Small freelance pieces, personal endeavors, etc. Professional portfolio materials are on Coroflot, this blog is for all the fun little misc projects I get to sneak in. Thanks for looking.


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