Sunday, February 20, 2011


A friend of mine requested a crest for his LARP character. I was given a list of items to steer towards and items to stay away from, some samples of what he likes that's out there, and then a very detailed origin/history background of his character. All in all, I would need to make a majestic, evil, dark crest. His character is wealthy bad ass. Key items would be a black heart, two swords (rage, the other discipline), and the colors red and black. Still not done, but we are getting close . . .

As always, I started with initial sketches to get a feel for the direction we would be going in. I love this part. It really makes the client get a gut reaction to the concept. What they like, dislike, and sometimes more important - what they thought they would like. I enjoy the brainstorming and collaboration side in this stage. Here are the rounds as of now:

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