Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Choose your Own Adventure!

To celebrate my 5yr wedding anniversary I wanted to do something extra special for the gift. My wife is a huge fan of the CYOA books from childhood. My initial plan was to create an entire actual book with yes, multiple endings. Seeing as with on demand printing I could have a paperback book printed for just $10 with a color cover/back. As I started the outline of my last 10 years together with her I realized I bit off way more than I could chew. The book jacket design was the right way to go. I did a quick sketch of the front and back art. Then I played with a lot of headline options. All of which had to nod to the original books dated charm.

We met on the beach during a party. She actually grabbed my wrist in passing because I had a blinking blue watch that she had never seen before. I knew the watch had to be a part of the piece if not the main focus.

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