Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BIO ARM tattoo

A friend of mine wanted a custom bio arm tattoo 3/4 sleeve. His inspirations were Jet from Cowboy Bebop and the robots from the Bjork video, "All is Full of Love".

We worked on a bunch of initial sketches from my book to a few napkins at lunch. He wanted a simple, clean body panel style with a peak of wires, gears, etc. We worked together through rounds over 4-5 weeks to get it just right with tweaks here and there.

The work needed to be a strong reference for the tattoo artist. Not exact, but enough pieces to put it together on his arm with some improv. The wires are multi colored in order to help communicate what was needed to be changed for final tattoo work (i.e. "make the pink one a double, ribbed wire and metallic") if the final art was entirely in grayscale, the wires would be a nightmare to discuss. In addition, I left the wires plain, but included a reference sheet of different styles to use for the tattoo artist to incorporate into the piece.

The N7 logo is from Mass Effect and was quite simple to replicate. The final tattoo art will also have imperfections of wear and tear...battle damage if you will. I was really happy to work on this and I am happy to see it has continued to evolve from the digital art to the final tattoo work. It's always enjoyable to bounce ideas back and forth and watch a piece come into it's own.

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